Nice to meet you two!

Thank you for choosing to come and read all about my existence and my purpose. I hope to teach self-love, gratitude and positivity in others by telling my stories.

Hi there reader!

What were your instant thoughts when you seen “Twice the mum”? Maybe she has twins? Maybe she has 2 kids? Hm, sounds a little heroic being twice the mum.. Well, there is half the truth in that. I have 2 beautiful little kids, a boy (aged 2) and a girl (aged 10 months) that I parent solely – doing twice the job, hence the name, Twice the mum.

Why am I here?

Only having 15 months age gap between my 2 kids, I have been bouncing between work and home. I work Part-time as an Office Manager 3 days a week and am at home being a mother/student on other days. “Where the bloody hell do you find the time?” is what I hear so very often haha. Its called having kids sleeping in your bed and getting little cat naps throughout the night, awoken by a punch, scratch, pinch or hair pull and then pulling out your laptop. That dream life you always dreamed of, being 28 years of age (Aging cream may possibly be on the shopping list pre-30!)

I have a lot to share about my life from my wins to my losses, great friends and support network, being a single mum without a mum, co-parenting with a brick wall, the struggle of trying to lose that loose, jelly, bum bag of unwanted skin hanging under the belly button that I cannot seem to shake (that sounds so gross but its oh so very true but for the greatest inventions of all time!) and to re-assure others that it all happens to the best of us but to stay positive, to self-love, be grateful and enable your will power to keep that spring in your step.

I have twice the love to share, so get comfy and let me share it with you through my writing.

Love Trish x

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